Distributions packaging Open vSwitch

This document lists various popular distributions packaging Open vSwitch. Open vSwitch is packaged by various distributions for multiple platforms and architectures.


The packaged version available with distributions may not be latest Open vSwitch release.


You can use apt-get or aptitude to install the .deb packages and must be superuser.

1. Debian has openvswitch-switch and openvswitch-common .deb packages that includes the core userspace components of the switch.

2. For kernel datapath, openvswitch-datapath-dkms can be installed to automatically build and install Open vSwitch kernel module for your running kernel. This package is only available when the .deb packages are built from the Open vSwitch repository; it is not downstream in Debian or Ubuntu releases.

3. For fast userspace switching, Open vSwitch with DPDK support is bundled in the package openvswitch-switch-dpdk. This package is only available in the Ubuntu distribution; it is not upstream in the Open vSwitch repository or downstream in Debian.


Fedora provides openvswitch, openvswitch-devel, openvswitch-test and openvswitch-debuginfo rpm packages. You can install openvswitch package in minimum installation. Use yum or dnf to install the rpm packages and must be superuser.

Red Hat

RHEL distributes openvswitch rpm package that supports kernel datapath. DPDK accelerated Open vSwitch can be installed using openvswitch-dpdk package.


OpenSUSE provides openvswitch, openvswitch-switch rpm packages. Also openvswitch-dpdk and openvswitch-dpdk-switch can be installed for Open vSwitch using DPDK accelerated datapath.