Inclusive Language

In order to help facilitate an inclusive environment in the Open vSwitch community we recognise the role of language in framing our communication with each other. It is important that terms that may exclude people through racial, cultural or other bias, are avoided as they may make people feel excluded.

We recognise that this is subjective, and to some extent is a journey. But we also recognise that we cannot begin that journey without taking positive action. To this end Open vSwitch is adopting the practice of an inclusive word list, which helps to guide the use of language within the project.

Word List

The intent of this document is to formally document the acceptance of a inclusive word list by Open vSwitch. Accordingly, this document specifies use of the use the Inclusive Naming Word List v1.0 (the word list) for Open vSwitch.

The adoption of the word list intended that this act as a guide for developers creating patches to the Open vSwitch repository, including both source code and documentation. And to aid maintainers in their role of shepherding changes into the repository.

Further steps to align usage of language in Open vSwitch, including clarification of application of the word list, to new and existing work, may follow.